Complex Wills

A properly prepared will allows your loved ones to manage difficult decisions after your death — decisions related to distribution of your assets and the designation of an executor to carry out your explicit wishes and manage your affairs.

A will is a very important legal document, part of the foundation for any solid estate plan. It does not have to be complex or expensive. But it can be, depending on the size of your estate, the amount of assets and property to be inherited, and sophisticated objectives such as tax planning and built-in trusts. It can reduce the expense of probate and minimize your estate tax liability.

By drafting an enforceable complex will with the help of a skilled estate planning attorney, you can ensure that your assets are rightfully inherited and controlled by someone you choose. Our north central Texas lawyers are here to help.

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Experienced Burleson Estate Tax Planning Attorneys Assist With Complex Wills

You should consider a complex will if your assets are so significant that alternatives should be weighed to avoid estate taxes at death. Tax planning provisions allow you to use those assets during your lifetime — assets later distributed in keeping with the tax-savings objectives of the will. You may also want to leave property to multiple or specific beneficiaries based on a contingency.

Whether your goals involve tax planning, the use of trusts for certain beneficiaries or coordination of beneficiary designations on retirement accounts and life insurance, a complex will gives you the peace of mind that your loved ones are provided for, even in special situations.

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