Fort Worth And Burleson Business Valuation Lawyers

Business valuation is one of the most complex tasks in property division in divorce. Lawyers must wrestle with analytical problems such as:

What standard of value to use: Fair market value, fair market value with discounts, comparable transactions value, investment value? You want the method that works best for you, but you do not want the valuation set aside because the court disagrees with the methodology.

How income is presented: Once again there are choices, between discounted future earnings, capitalized earnings and "silly wild-ass guess" (SWAG). Earnings must be presented in a way that is not only favorable to you but also acceptable to the court.

Assessing intangible factors such as goodwill: The expectation of continued customer loyalty.

Double-dipping: Counting a marital asset twice, which can happen easily with a family business.

The Fort Worth business valuation lawyers at Lovelace Law, P.C. are adept at addressing these and other technical questions in property division. But also have forensic accountants and other financial analysts in our network who can provide the right insight of your business property division.

So much is at stake in the valuation of a Texas business property, that you are really obliged to seek representation that is up to the task. Our lawyers have successfully overseen the division of businesses and professional partnerships. We also provide counsel on what to do once the valuation is approved.

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