Fort Worth And Burleson Protective Order Attorneys

Texas law provides a remedy for people who feel unsafe in the presence of another household member. Protective orders are a civil, not a criminal, order that protects you from harm by that family or household member. They are useful in dealing with a variety of domestic issues, including harassment, threatening actions, abusive behavior, drug use or problems arising from mental illness.

Protective orders are flexible: they can order the other person to stay away from you or to refrain from unwanted behaviors. They may also instruct the offender to attend parenting classes, get a mental health assessment, drug testing and evaluation or anger management counseling.

Orders of protection can be obtained either in family court or district court. In Fort Worth, the location is 200 E. Weatherford, 2nd Floor West, Fort Worth, TX 76196. It is a busy place. A better approach is to visit a lawyer experienced in family violence problems, like the family lawyers at Lovelace Law P.L.L.C. Our lawyers can prepare a petition without delay that will be acceptable to the judge and obtain the relief you need almost immediately.

You will find us to be sympathetic with your situation, and quick to act to protect you and other family members.

If you are in danger of violence or emotional abuse, call Lovelace Law at 817-953-9656, or email us your situation. We will move swiftly to provide the protection you need.

Representation For Fraudulent Domestic Violence Claims

Not all protective order petitions seek protection. Many are filed maliciously to cause trouble for the accused person, or to damage them in upcoming divorce or child custody proceedings. In such cases, our attorneys represent the accused person in protective orders hearings, explaining his or her side of the story, and putting him or her in a sympathetic light.