Estate Litigation

Estate litigation is a legal dispute within the probate process, such as a will contest or the removal of the executor or administrator of an estate because of a breach of fiduciary duty.

Have negotiations in your family's estate matter run their course? Is your estate dispute headed for a courtroom?

In north central Texas, including Tarrant County, the lawyers of Lovelace Law, P.C. bring almost 30 years of combined experience to the job of protecting your rights during estate or probate litigation.

Attorney W. Cade Lovelace leads our trusted Burleson law firm's estate and probate practice with proven skills, thorough preparation and personal service, start to finish.

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Burleson And Cleburne Contested Wills Attorneys

Estate litigation can become contentious even under the best circumstances. Tempers can flare between family members because significant amounts of money may be involved, especially when dealing with a complex will.

Lovelace Law, P.C. is prepared to skillfully assist when our clients are faced with:

  • Disputes over the language, construction or validity of an estate document
  • General dissatisfaction with a late relative's estate plan
  • Dissatisfaction with an executor of an estate
  • Suspicions regarding the role or motivations of a decedent's final caregiver
  • Mysterious last-minute changes to a will
  • An heir's disinheritance
  • Situations in which the children of a decedent who was married more than once are at odds with a stepparent
  • Contested conservatorships or guardianships
  • Accounting disputes
  • Allegations of fraud, coercion or undue influence
  • Allegations of a decedent's incompetency when he or she was alive and signed a will
  • Disagreement between beneficiaries of a trust or estate and a fiduciary
  • Allegations of a conflict of interest

At Lovelace Law, P.C., our attorneys recognize the often complicated relationships between beneficiaries, fiduciaries and third parties who might have an interest in an estate. We use our broad estate law knowledge, extensive trial preparation and talents at litigation to work toward a favorable outcome.

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