No Will Probate Administration

If your loved one did not leave a will for you to probate, and you have assets that must be titled to you, call the experienced attorneys at Lovelace Law PLLC to help with the transition.

Sometimes when your inheritance is at stake and no will is involved, significant property can be mismanaged or disappear. Many times, the person who has control over the property, despite the decedents requests or the laws requirements, will take the property and use it for their own benefit. The Fort Worth and Burleson attorneys at Lovelace Law PLLC can prevent this misuse of property and require that the property be given to its rightful owner.

Call us at 817-953-9656, or email us a description of your challenge.

If you are in this situation and are afraid that your loved ones property is disappearing, call us immediately. This type of property can include

  • Cars
  • Bank Accounts
  • Homes
  • Raw Land
  • Mineral Estates
  • Retirement accounts
  • Oil and Gas Holdings
  • Business Assets
  • Community or Separate Property
  • Business or Personal Bank Accounts

No Will Or Multiple Wills

We have handled hundreds of estates and probates in Burleson and Fort Worth. Our probate attorneys are experienced in collecting assets that belong to the decedent and requiring that the pass to the proper person.

When a loved one fails to leave a will, or leaves multiple wills, you need immediate protection. Call us to help protect your assets.