Fort Worth And Burleson Will Contest Lawyers

Wills are drawn up to prevent clarity in probate. But sometimes they leave gaping loopholes and confusing ambiguities. Sometimes there is doubt about its authenticity, or the conditions under which it was drawn up. Sometimes the will is perfectly clear, but disputes arise anyway, out of the conviction that the decedent had other intentions.

The lawyers at Lovelace Law, P.C., of Fort Worth, provide vigorous representation to plaintiffs and defendants in contested will cases in probate court.

The Many Varieties Of Will Contests

Contested will cases include such circumstances as:

  • Undue influence on the part of one of the heir
  • Coercion in signing the will
  • Fraudulent representations of material facts to the testator
  • An unsigned or forged will
  • The existence of a more recent will
  • Diminished capacity on the part of the deceased
  • Disinheritance of the children of the deceased's spouse
  • Family members removed from the will, with assets going instead to a new acquaintance, caregiver, church or animal shelter
  • Clearly favoring one child over another, in life or in the will

Whether you wish to contest a contest or defend one, it is important to obtain the advice and advocacy of an experienced probate litigation lawyer. Lovelace Law is well-respected and highly successful in Texas will and trust contest litigation.

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